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The best means of belittling an idea is to do things in its name which are contrary to its demands.

During Stalin’s leadership, the simple fact of USSR’s continual economic development achieved by acting in line with the ideas of communism brought communism a world-wide prestige.

Since his death, those in power have been acting in contradiction to the ideas of communism, but in the name of communism. The inevitable disruption of all economic, social and political life of the USSR has been blamed on communism.

Communism has been belittled in the eyes of the masses as a result of this development.

And the world bourgeoisie is happily declaring at the top of their voice that communism is dead. And whether we like it or not they are correct !.

But the euphoria in the ranks of the bourgeoisie is misguided. Correct though they may be, the truth of matter is otherwise.

Communism is dead and buried politically, but the underlying need of society for communism has never been so alive and in the open for even the naked eye to see.


Communist society is one where ” the spring of co-operative wealth flows abundantly “.

The development of industry and agriculture based on the development of the former pointed to such a society. But we did not know what technical invention would bring this about.

Now, we do know it. It is the micro-chip.

All aspects of social life built co-operatively and using the micro-chips give us the communist society where the ” spring of co-operative wealth flows abundantly “.


Developments of the productive forces, particularly of the instruments of labour, forces upon society to change its relations of production.

Machine production ushered in through the Industrial Revolution forced upon the society to change its relations of production from a capitalist one into a socialist one. October revolution was a result of this necessity. But, as a result of one of history’s zig zag development, not only have we witnessed a return back from socialism in the U.S.S.R., but at the same time the world capitalism has been kept alive artificially. A dead body rotting amongst the living and spreading its nasty smell all over the world.

One result of this artificially extended life of capitalism has been the provision of the technical foundation of a perfectly formed communist society by capitalism. We are talking of the micro-chips.



The power source for the modern production process is electricity. It is produced in huge quantities in huge power plants of all sorts and these are integrated into a whole as a national-international network of electricity(the so-called national grid).

Through this network, electricity is distributed to all points of production(factories, farms, etc.), transportation(railways, network of pipes, etc.) and distribution(warehouses, supermarkets, etc.). Not to forget the houses, hospitals, schools, etc.

What does that mean?

That means that almost everything we do is dependent on production and distribution of electricity.

What does that mean?

That means that production, transportation and distribution, these basis of human life are all interdependent, ie. social in the extreme.

What does that mean?

It means that they must be owned socially too. We must own them in common. If we do not own them in common, if we do not control them in common for common good, we shall be in a mess.

To leave things which by nature are social, are interdependent on one another in private hands to be controlled for private good(for maximum profit) will destroy them, for it is contrary to their nature. That is why we end up with destruction of factories, goods, foods and plenty of armaments to kill people instead of providing better conditions for people all around.


If electricity means all that, just you think what the computers mean for human society. We are, after all, living in the age of computers.

What are computers?

They are the universal means of control. With computers you can control almost any process.

1. Already, there are a number of factories where the whole process of storage of the raw material, the design of the product, the production and the storage of the finished product is a continuous, automated process. Only a few labourers, technically expert at that, need to interfere in the whole process.

How is this done?

Every machine, every materials handling equipment that moves the goods from one machine to another and form the raw material store room to the finished goods store room is controlled by the computers. Not by men but by computers. Indeed, the whole factory is controlled by a central computer.

The central computer of each factory “knows” what is in the raw material store room, what is in the shop floor, what is being worked on by what machine and what is in the finished goods store room.

Should we not have all factories working just like these ones?

Of course we should.

What would that mean?

It would mean that the machines would become our slaves. We would simply create new and better machines, put them to work and produce new and better products in plenty. A life of plenty. A life that befits humans.

What does it mean now?

It means unemployment, it means misery.

Why is that?

Because things are owned by individuals, by groups of individuals. They use these things for their own selfish aims, to make profit. Under these conditions, computer controlled factories which could provide the life of plenty ends up causing unemployment. A life of misery. A life that befits animals.

2. Furthermore, the finished product of a specialised factory may be the raw material for another factory, thus necessitating the transportation of the product from one factory to the next in line to process it.

Already, there are a number of corporations where the whole process of transportation of the products of each specialised factory to its relevant co-operating factory is a continuous, automated process. Only a few labourers, technically expert at that, need to interfere in the whole process.

How is this done?

Just as every factory is controlled by its central computer, now the loading of its products onto the trains, pipes, electric lines, ships etc., the transportation process using these means of transportation and the unloading of the products at the factory where it will be further processed is also computer controlled. Every loading and unloading mechanism, every means of transport has its own computer which are all interconnected through the central computer of the factory to the central computer of the corporation. Everything that moves is controlled by the computers. Not by men, but by computers. Indeed, the whole corporation’s production and transportation processes is controlled by a central corporate computer.

The central computer of each corporation “knows” what is in the raw material store room , what is in the shop floor, what is being worked on by what machine, what is in the finished goods store room of each factory, and furthermore, “knows” what is being transported from one factory to another. This includes the all-important question of “how much”, too.

Should we not have the whole country working just like these corporations? Should not the whole county become a huge corporation owned and controlled not by a few individuals but by all of us?

Of course that is how things ought to be.

What would that mean?

It would mean that we would know everything that has been produced, everything that is being produced, everything that is being transported.

What does it mean now?

It means that only the corporations and their directors knows these things.

Why is that?

Because corporations are owned by individuals, by groups of individuals. They use this knowledge for their own selfish aims, to make profit. Therefore they keep everything a secret from us-indeed from each other. Secrecy rules the day.

3. The ultimate aim of production has to be the satisfaction of human needs. Production cut off from this aim is bound to disappear from the face of the earth. Distribution of products amongst the productive workshops and their productive consumption at these workshops must result in the production of other means of production and means of consumption.

Ultimately products must reach the individual consumer to be consumed by them to satisfy their constantly rising material and cultural needs. And this can now be achieved by extending the above mentioned transportation system from the points of productive workshops to the points of consumption- either directly to the individual consumer or to the supermarkets etc..

All these activities which rely on the continuity and automation of production, transportation and distribution; transforming the whole process into a directly inter-connected process could not have been possible without the micro-chips and the revolution they have begun in the reception and processing of information and thus in the communication technology. It is thus that, every product designed and produced can be known, transferred from one operation to the next, from one workshop to the next, from workshops to the individual consumer. This interconnection, this transfer of information, by being controlled from one centre can be utilised to balance the whole inter-connected system, producing a perfectly balanced plan of the national, international productive, distributive system. It is thus that the planning of national-international production is perfected.

Micro-chips, thanks to their capacity to process information and communicate these through optic cables and satellites are, with electricity, the most universal invention of all time and are usable in all aspects of life.

Not only do they make the time to study available by automation of national-international production-distribution process, but they also provide the means for education. All can have a British Library and the best minds in different fields as lecturers through the Internet, ‘the information highways’. All can communicate with one another to exchange information and co-operate to solve scientific-technical problems as well as control the production and consumption of each and everything. Thus, the speed of development of scientific-technical knowledge reach the speed of light. Thus, the cultural development of each individual is assured and time for sportive activity to develop man in physically perfect form and the means for this is made available. Thus, the red-Indian barbarian with its childishly honest morality and perfectly formed body in no need of political government of men with the height of scientific-cultural development becomes the norm.

Thus the communist society is formed.


Primitive communist society was negated by the class society through slavery of men by men. Class society in its turn shall be negated by the modern communist society through the slavery of machines to men made possible by the micro-chips.


A ) At its beginning commodity production gave rise to a narrow form of usury ( Rome), now we have a commodity production which has given rise to a form of usury on a gigantic, world wide scale (imperialist capitalism). This signifies the negation of negation for commodity production. It is the end for commodity production.

B ) Communism = proletarian dictatorship + electrification. Electrification unifies production. It replaces separate production units with their own power sources with production units powered from on source of electricity. It is the technological equivalent of economic planning that unifies the separate production units. Electrification of all country gives you unified machine production, this coupled with the unified political power of the proletariat gives you communism.

This definition is also a repudiation of those who refer to Lenin’s ” State and the Revolution ” and declares that it was Stalin who made a giant mistake which gave rise to all sorts of evils by declaring that Soviet Union can built communism while a state – the proletarian dictatorship – exists. Lenin was the first ” evil doer ” as is seen from this definition.


The very first plan of construction of the victorious Soviet proletariat was that of electrification of the country. The formula of V. I. Lenin that

communism= electrification of the country + proletarian dictatorship

is world famous.

The very first plan of construction of the victorious proletariat (proletariat of whichever country has the honour) will be the computerisation of the country, which includes the electrification of the country. Lenin’s formula has not lost its validity, but it is no longer complete. The new formula of communism is,

communism= computerisation of the country + proletarian dictatorship


Communism is dead politically but, precisely due to micro-chips, communism is more of a need for the society than it has ever been and, capitalism is more superfluous, unnecessary, destructive for the society than it has ever been.

Capitalism has to use the micro-chips in production. It is forced into this due to the competition which monopoly aims to replace and yet, cannot but reproduce again in an even bigger scale as competition amongst the monopolies.

But , the application of micro-chips in production to the full means automation of production, transportation and communication and therefore requires absolute co-operation

And, the application of micro-chips in production to the full, makes workers redundant. And without the surplus labour of the workers capitalism cannot be.

Micro-chips is an absolute impossibility for capitalism right in the midst of capitalism: without it they could not compete, with it they cannot appropriate surplus labour.

So !.

Which is dead?

Communism or capitalism?

Just as they have been shouting at the top of their voices as to how strong and victorious they are against communism, so it turns out that they are to die!

Certainly they will not give up on their own accord, on the contrary, this impossibility of life brought upon them by the micro-chips shall turn them into more of a beast. Everybody knows the way they use the micro-chip to its full potential: not to produce but to destroy.

So be it.

The need for our ideology has never been so strong as it is today and therefore, in the face of a most brutal enemy and although totally defeated at present, we have never been so strong as today.

Our victory is assured.

Whoever fight against social necessity is necessarily defeated.

The world bourgeoisie shall be defeated!


To achieve full utilisation of the available technique a change in the organisation of society is a must. Capitalist society with its private ownership of means of production and having as the basic law of its economic order the achievement of maximum profits at the expense of society, is utterly incapable of utilising the micro-chips in the way they ought to be- as we have described above. This requires a society with the common ownership of the means of production, with its basic economic law being the satisfaction of constantly rising material and cultural needs of the people.

The fact that capitalist organisation of society is untenable and unreasonable is obvious to all who are in the least bit aware of the facts: farms not allowed to produce while people are starving, miners not allowed to produce while people are dying of cold, people unable to afford basics of life which have been produced too much, for they don’t have a job( for it is not profitable to employ them), wars for the domination of other countries, wars for the ownership of means of production by this or that group of the bourgeoisie, by this or that nationality of the bourgeoisie, expenditure on armaments, which is more than enough to solve all our immediate problems the world over, destruction of the environment for it is profitable to do so etc., etc..

But how is the capitalist social order to be changed into a social order which is communal, co-operative i.e. communist.

The facts are looking at us in the face. The more the bourgeoisie is unable to control the means of production, the more it rakes havoc on the society, the more it arms itself, the more it strengthen its punitive organs, the more it encourage and organise anything that is reactionary. They have not the slightest intention of giving up power, facing the reality that their way of doing things is nothing short of barbarism. Indeed they declare this barbarism to be the height of social order us humans can achieve, yet this order of things in which the strong kills the weak belong not to the humans but to the animal kingdom from which we have originated.

The world bourgeoisie will not accept that they should yield power, that the proletarians should assume power and start re-organising the society so that all means of production are owned by the society as a whole, that production is organised to satisfy the constantly rising needs of the people utilising the micro-chips and in time get rid of the money, all the classes, and the state.

Communists and the proletarians either organise to take political power in the form of Soviets(Councils of Working People), or People’s Democracy through election and parliament, or the society shall perish under this barbaric rule of the world bourgeoisie. The proletarian state power is to be a union of Soviets or a People’s Democracy

As the proletarians cannot organise the communist society as we have defined above immediately on assumption of power and in order to organise just such a society, the below mentioned immediate steps need to be taken.


A) Industry, Transport and Communication Services

a- The confiscation and proletarians nationalisation of all large scale private capitalist undertakings (factories, works, mines and electric power stations), and the transference of all State and municipal enterprises to the Soviets or to the Parliament and local councils of People’s Democracy.

b- The confiscation and proletarian nationalisation of private capitalist railways, waterways, automobile, sea and air transport services and the transference of State and municipal transport services to the Soviets or to the Parliament and local councils of People’s Democracy.

c- The confiscation and proletarian nationalisation of private capitalist communication services ( telephone, radio, T.V., and all communication lines and satellites) and the transference of State and municipal communication services to the Soviets or to the Parliament and local councils of People’s Democracy.

d- The organisation of workers’ management of industry. The establishment of State organs for the management of industry with provision for the close participation of the trade unions in this work of management. Appropriate functions to be guaranteed for the factory and works councils(or soviets).

B) Agriculture

a- The confiscation and proletarian nationalisation of all large landed estates in town and country (private, church, royal and other lands) and the transference of State and municipal landed property including forests, minerals, lakes, rivers etc., to the Soviets or to the Parliament and local councils of People’s Democracy, with subsequent nationalisation of the whole of the land.

b- The confiscation of all property utilised in production belonging to large landed estates, such as: buildings, machinery etc., cattle, enterprises for the manufacture of agricultural products( flour mills, cheese plants, dairy farms, fruit and vegetable drying plants, etc.)

c- The transfer of large estates and those of considerable economic importance to the management of the organs of the proletarian power and the Soviet or People’s Democracy farm organisations.

d- Prohibition of buying and selling of land, as a means of preventing its passage into the hands of capitalists, land speculators etc..

e- State buying of the products of small farms and encouragement of the small farmers to forego their small productive units and to join the state farms as workers-managers by setting examples of better living and working conditions provided in State farms.

C) Trade and Credit.

a- The confiscation and proletarian nationalisation of private banks( the entire gold reserve, all securities, deposits, etc., to be transferred to the proletarian state); the proletarian state to take over State, municipal, etc. banks.

b- Centralisation of banking; all nationalised big banks to be subordinate to the central State bank.

c- The confiscation and proletarian nationalisation of wholesale trade and large retail trading enterprises(warehouses, elevators, stores, stocks of goods, etc.) and their transfer to the organs of Soviet State or to the Parliament of People’s Democracy..

d- The state provision of the goods of the small retail shops and encouragement of the small shopkeepers to forego their small trading enterprise and to join the state retail outlets as workers-managers by setting examples of better living and working conditions provided in State retail outlets.

e- The monopoly of foreign trade.

f- The repudiation of State debts to foreign and home capitalists.

D) Conditions of Life, Labour, etc.

a– Reduction of working day to six hours and to four hours in industries particularly harmful to the health of the workers. The regulation of the further reduction of the working day to correspond to the increase of the productivity of labour.

b- Prohibition, as a rule, of night work and employment in harmful trades for all females. Prohibition of child labour. Prohibition of overtime.

c- Socialist reorganisation of the labour of young people up to 18 years of age, so as to combine employment in industry with general and political education.

d- Social insurance in all forms( sickness, old age, accident, unemployment etc.) at State expense( and at the expense of the owners of private enterprises where they still exist), insurance affairs to be managed by the insured themselves.

e- Complete equality between men and women before the law and in social life : a radical reform of marriage and family laws; recognition of maternity as a social function; protection of mothers and infants. Provision of facilities universally for the social care and upbringing of infants and children. The establishment of institutions that will relieve the burden of house drudgery( public kitchens and laundries) and systematic cultural struggle against the ideology and traditions of female bondage.

E) Housing

a- The confiscation of big house property.

b- The transfer of confiscated houses to the administration of the local Soviets.

c- Workers to be removed to the bourgeois residential districts.

d- Palaces and large public buildings to be placed at the disposal of labour organisations.

e- The carrying out of an extensive program of house construction.

F) National and Colonial Questions

a- The recognition of the right of all nations, irrespective of race, to complete self-determination, that is, self-determination inclusive of the right to State separation.

b- The voluntary unification and centralisation of the military and economic forces of all nations liberated from capitalism for the purpose of fighting against imperialism and for building up of socialist economy.

c- Wide and determined struggle against the imposition of any kind of limitation and restriction upon any nationality, nation or race. Complete equality for all nations and races.

d- The Soviet State to guarantee and support with all the resources at its command the national cultures of nations liberated from capitalism, at the same time to carry out a consistent proletarian policy directed towards the development of the content of such cultures.

e- every assistance to be rendered to the economic, political and cultural growth of the formally oppressed ” territories “, ” dominions ” and ” colonies “, with the object of transferring them to socialist lines, so that a durable basis may be laid for complete national equality.

f- To combat all remnants of chauvinism, national hatred, race prejudice and other ideological products of feudal and capitalist barbarism.

G) Means of Ideological Influence

a- The nationalisation of printing plants

b- The monopoly of newspapers and book publishing

c- The proletarian nationalisation of big cinema enterprises, T.V. theatres, etc.

d- The proletarian nationalisation of computer software companies

e- The monopoly of software production.

f- The utilisation of the nationalised means of ” intellectual production ” for the most extensive political and general education of the toilers and for the building up of a new socialist culture on a proletarian class basis.

H) Plan of Computerisation of Social Life

A plan for a totally integrated, continuous and automated production, transportation and distribution shall be drawn. As this require interconnection of all these facilities to one another and to a centre by computer controlled communication channels, plans shall be drawn to make this information available to each and every working individual. This will form the control structure of the society whereby everything produced and consumed by everybody shall be controlled by every other. This communication system shall be so planned that in time each individual shall be able to utilise all the accumulated knowledge of the society and be able to contribute to it through their own computer terminal. As this plan is put into operation, this whole system shall serve as a means of government of the society whereby every decision taken shall be open to scrutiny of each and will provide the conditions for them to object to them. Continuous referendum shall be the order of the day. As this represents the height of democracy, i.e., the height of government of men by men, this will also be the last form of democracy. As the members of this society begin to utilise these and overcome all their prejudices left over from the barbaric capitalist society, the need for government therefor for democracy shall disappear, the whole state structure shall become useless and pass into history. What we could start to build today, had the workers had the power in their hands shall have been built and the last political undertaking of mankind fulfilled. This will be what we have defined above. The communist society.